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Today is February 12, 2018, All remaining dress hats on my Lace; Jeweled, and Brocade pages are $99.00 and $125.00 through February 28, 2018. To see available hats go to my new website   www.kaysartofmillinery.com. There you will find all my products. Click on the pictures to see hats still available, email me about hats of interest and I will send an invoice showing the lowered price.  All orders will include shipping fees, sales taxes are required for Tennessee orders and will be added. I hope you find a hat you like because you will not see price reductions like these again. Have a great day and thank you for visiting my site.
Hello my name is Kay and welcome to Kay's Hats of Distinction. To those who do not already know me, creating hats and accessories has been my passion more than twenty years.  Over the years I taught millinery classes, but decided to go back to my original art of creating millinery for sale. All my designs are created from scratch using materials such as buckram and the recently created FOSSHAPE(R) for covered hats. 

Using these material allows me to create hand blocked hat frames in various sizes and shapes. The felts, straw, sinamay, leather, feather, fur and flower hats along with the buckram and other hat frames are created using my personal collection of hat blocks. 

This means my hat frames go far beyond the few shapes almost everyone offers. The fabrics and other materials used are consistently being obtained during my travels meaning you will not likely see your hat duplicated. Occasionally while traveling I see something I love and purchase it all, which means you will sometime see that fabric or material used in different designs.   

So if you're looking for unique designs, quality and personal service you've come to the right place. At Kay's Hats of Distinction you will be given the attention and personal service you have come to expect whether you are buying readily designed hats....or having them custom made to your every specification and expectation.

I consider all my hats art because like many art pieces they too start with canvases such as flat buckram, sinamay, hat bodies or yards of other flat or softly sculpted materials. 

My canvases are hat blocks, hat bodies and yards of carefully chosen fabric and other blockable mediums. Each adornment is methodically thought out before being stitched, not glued on. Stitching items on means they may be changed to create new looks or removed without destroying the hat. 

My millinery art pieces range from simple to flamboyant depending on the season. I am constantly creating new items you will love, which are added frequently as they are designed.

My hope is you appreciate the millinery art shown here and see something you want to include in your wardrobe. Have a great day and I look forward to your business.

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Hats of Distinction by Kay's Art of Millinery 
Kay Durden designer for Kay's Art of Millinery